Testimonies of Beneficiaries from CHRI 2020 Christmas Outreach

Greetings from the Cameroon Humanitarian Relief Initiative (CHRI). We hope our message finds you and your loved ones in good health and wellbeing. We would like to share with you, some wonderful and inspirational testimonies from some of the beneficiaries of our 2020 Christmas Outreach to IDPs in Cameroon. Only through your genuine support, unending commitment and generous contributions could we have achieved these remarkable outcomes. We are sincerely grateful and implore you to kindly read each heartwarming stories below. We pray you continue to receive God’s love and blessings in all your endeavors and activities.

My name is Sache Magdalene.

I don’t know how to thank you for the great thing you did to me. The bucket, the soap, rice and groundnut oil helped my children and me very much during Christmas. For the first time after about 3 years, we had something great for Christmas.  We are very grateful for all you did. Life is very challenging here with the crisis and no business going. We are still in need of many things, but whatever God gives you to give us, we will be very happy with it. I know it is not easy but God will provide next time.




My name is Ma Alice Ngwa.

This bucket is very helpful to my grandchildren and me. They enjoyed the food during Christmas and were very happy. The other items are finished, but the bucket is still there and sometimes my grandchildren and I have to be fighting for who to use it first. If I had many, it would have been better. However, I am praying God to provide more next time so that you continue to help us. May God bless and your children.




My name is Nti Brenda Neh.

I want to thank you people (CHRI) very much for the big present you gave to me in December. This bucket helps me to store the traditional dresses I produce. The rice was very helpful to the children who take care of me especially as it was Christmas time.

I am living with a disability and the dresses I make is the only source of income for me. I cannot go out to beg, so I manage with the small income from these dresses. Since this trouble started, the people to buy them are not there again and the prices have dropped very much.

Any other aid that will help me enlarge the business and sell the dresses that I have already made will be very good for me. I thank you again very much and pray that God will provide more for you next time.

My name is Adeline Nangeh

I thank CHRI for the gifts you gave us. The little money I had was used to purchase the baby things was used to purchase other things because you provided me with the baby box. This was very timely because I put to birth shortly after I received the baby box. I did not have enough money to prepare for the baby adequately, but the box I received had enough for the baby. The other items like the rice, groundnut oil etc. were very useful especially in the crisis period. My prayer is that God will provide more for you next time.







My name is Madame Lukong Quinta.

I am very happy for the things I received, a bucket, rice, groundnut oil, soap etc. These things really helped my family and me at Christmas. We are very grateful to CHRI. The major problem for me is the number of IDPs that are in my house. Some are sleeping on the floor without mattresses and blankets. If the aid next time could think of this other things in the home, it will be very good. I pray that God will help you people to be able to get more items next time for us.





We would like to sincerely appreciate all your donations, efforts and support to victims of the ongoing Southern Cameroons crisis as we look forward to more continuous support and donations. Please remember you can donate either as a lump sum or on a recurring basis. $20 can provide 1 weeks’ worth of food for an internally displaced person or refugee especially during this difficult period. You can also partner with CHRI to fundraise as a champion in commemoration of key events. All funds donated are used to support people affected by the conflict. Please visit our website to donate at www.chrelief.org/donate or mail a check to: CHRI at 4413 Nuttall Road, Fairfax, VA, 22032. You can contact us at info@chrelief.org if you would like to discuss other ways to help or support our mission.