CHRI Humanitarian Distribution Outreach to Cameroon Refugees in Agborkim Waterfall, Nigeria
The latest humanitarian intervention of the Cameroon Humanitarian Relief Initiative (CHRI) in Nigeria August 3rd and 4th saw Cameroon Anglophone refugees in Agborkim Waterfall, Abia and Ekughetai areas going home with food items including rice, garri and maggi cubes. These food items were distributed to a total of 1,222 persons in these areas who were registered as refugees. Each person went home with 6kg of garri, 5kg of rice and 30 cubes of maggi. In addition to the food items, a total of 24 pregnant women received items to assist them with their pregnancy, including motherhood kits (n=5) and emergency delivery kits (n=19). Finally, CHRI rehabilitated a borehole located very close to the market square in Agborkim. This borehole will serve at least 900 refugees and the local community of over 1000. Additional boreholes are earmarked for future rehabilitation by CHRI to better meet the needs.
This outreach was overseen by the designated CHRI Executive Director in Nigeria, Mr. Tem Martin, with facilitation by Rhema Care and GPAD non-profits. The cost of this outreach was over $8000 compared to the last outreach to Nigeria which cost over 11,500 USD.
CHRI is a registered 501 3c non-profit in the US, with a steering committee comprised of professionals in the US and UK supported by an expert group of advisory committee members, which is dedicated to bringing urgent humanitarian relief to over 50,000 refugees in Nigeria, over 160,000 internally displaced persons and over 200 political prisoners in Cameroon due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis. CHRI also aims to advocate for the resolution of this crisis. To meet up with its mission and multiple requests for help, CHRI estimates that at least $20,000 is required on a monthly basis. The Cameroon Doctors Association UK (CamDocUK) is working with CHRI to raise funds in the UK and deliver this most needed relief.
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From the CHRI Steering Committee