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If interested in assisting directly in this humanitarian relief effort and would like to join the Advisory Group, please kindly contact us using the form below.

Delivery to Prisoners – April 4th, 2019

Other deliveries so far:2019January 17th,February 14thMarch 7th.2018May 17th,May 29th,June 17th,July 1st,July 17th,July 31st,August 14th,August 28th,September 11th,September 25th,October 11th,November 1st,November 15th,November 29th,December 20th/23rd,Planning underway for next outreach to refugees in Nigeria.Thanks for all

Featured Champions

        The Nsutebu family did an amazing job fundraising at church in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Through their efforts, the church community raised a grand total of  £2,300.00 from their parish under the

List of Donations

        Date Name Method 11-Jun-18  Etienne Njoayem Paypal 6-Jun-18  Denis Tebit Paypal 4-Jun-18  Divine Mboh Paypal 3-Jun-18  NM** Paypal 3-Jun-18  Christopher Funebe Paypal 3-Jun-18  NM** Paypal 2-Jun-18  TW** Paypal 2-Jun-18  Tekum Pentocoster

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